The Malish know-how is backed by 75 plus years of industry experience.

Whatever type of floor you clean and maintain – from terrazzo, concrete, grouted tile to resilient flooring, Malish has solutions to help you achieve outstanding results.

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Floor-care solutions for cleaner facilities, easier floor maintenance and lower product and labor costs

Products and Systems for Every Floor

Cleanliness in commercial spaces is vital to the safety of those who gather to work, learn or care for others. That’s where Malish can help. We have floor care solutions to make your floors cleaner, your maintenance easier and overall material and labor costs lower.

For grouted floor tiles
Pitch the Pad, Buy the Brush

This color-coded system delivers superior cleaning on many floor surfaces. The grit bristle color corresponds to the color of the pad it replaces.

For LVT, VCT, and delicate flooring
Maintains a Clean, Fresh Look

Ideal for routine cleaning and scrubbing of highly polished floors. This brush combines ease of use with reliable performance.

For concrete and terrazzo floors
Restores and Rejuvenates Floors

This unique DIY diamond-abrasive floor system has tools for polishing and maintenance.

Benefits of our floor-care solutions for terrazzo, concrete, grouted tile to resilient flooring

Superior cleaning of grouted, textured, terrazzo and concrete floors.

cost savings
Won’t clog, allowing work to be completed faster, saving time and labor costs.

Last longer than pads, reducing landfill waste and most harsh chemicals.

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“We did a comparison. The wax and stripped floors didn’t look as good as the Diamabrush floors…The floors are brighter!…And everybody seems to be happier with this system.”
– Paul Rooney, director of facilities,
North Rockland School District, NY