The Malish Corporation Introduces New DIAMABRUSH BY MALISH™ Removal Tool

February 2014 – The Malish Corporation, a global leader in the manufacturing of rotary brushes and accessories, announced today the addition of a new removal hand tool to its Diamabrush By Malish™ Floor Preparation System line of products.

Available in 4.5″ and 7″ sizes, the Diamabrush By Malish™ Removal Tool is easy to use with existing hand grinders and uses the same diamond abrasive technology characteristic of the entire Diamabrush By Malish™ line. This feature helps prevent caramelizing or clogging of the tool, resulting in fast and effective removal through the life of the tool.

In addition to prepping concrete floors, the tool can also be used on walls made of brick, block, stone, and metal. Because the patented design of the hand tool uses a mechanical removal solution, like all Diamabrush By Malish™ products, it is completely chemical-free.

“This new removal tool strips gummy mastics up to ten times faster than the competition,” noted Fred Lombardi, Malish VP of Sales & Marketing. “The effectiveness and efficiency of this tool make it a great addition to the Diamabrush By Malish™ line of products.”

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About The Malish Corporation
Founded in 1948, The Malish Corporation specializes in the manufacturing of rotary brushes, rotary brush accessories, hand maintenance brushes, and the Diamabrush By Malish Floor Preparation System. The company is also a custom extruder of thermoplastic tubes and profiles. Headquartered in Willoughby, Ohio, The Malish Corporation operates manufacturing facilities in North America and Asia as well as a sales & distribution center in Europe. With a reputation for quality, engineering, testing, and integration, The Malish Corporation provides every customer with personalized business solutions.