Some Benefits of Polished Concrete Surfaces are Green

October 2012 – The Malish Corporation, a global leader in the design and manufacture of floor machine and surface cleaning brushes since 1948, can help your facility function in a more eco-friendly manner. If your facility has concrete surfaces, using the DiamabrushByMalish™ Concrete Polishing System can enhance your environmentally sustainable practices.

According to a National Geographic “news watch” article titled “Concrete Polishing Makes Attractive, Easy-to-Clean, Eco-Friendly Flooring” (Brian Clark Howard), concrete polishing not only reduces the amount of harmful chemicals needed for surface cleaning, but it also creates a more reflective surface that can improve natural lighting. This can decrease the amount of energy needed to light or heat the facility.

The DiamabrushByMalish™ Concrete Polishing System begins with a diamond abrasive concrete prep tool to properly prepare the floor and then offers a series of polishing tools from coarse to fine designed to maintain beauty and shine while engaging in routine floor maintenance.

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About The Malish Corporation
The Malish Corporation is a world leader in the manufacture of rotary brushes, rotary brush accessories, hand maintenance brushes, and a custom extruder of thermoplastic tubes and profiles. Founded in 1948, the company operates a manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Willoughby, Ohio (United States). It also has expanded to operate a manufacturing facility in Dongguan City, Guangdong, China, and a sales and distribution facility in Utrecht, The Netherlands.