Flex Scrub™, the ultimate bristled floor pad, attaches as quickly and simply as a traditional floor pad yet provides a deeper level of cleaning. Flex Scrub™ reaches deep into grout lines and textures where regular pads can’t.

Our patent pending Flex Coupler, a quick-change universal adaptor, allows for easy installation to any pad driver.

Flex Scrub™ fits most traditional 175-350 rpm machines: single-disc, auto scrubber, ride on, orbital.
Experience powerful performance

Reaches where pads can’t for a deeper clean
Outlasts traditional pads up to 50 to 1, reducing labor and product cost
Easy to use:

No need to stop-and-flip
Won’t gum up when cleaning and stripping
Self-cleaning so no need to wash it out

No concern about heeling and floor damage
Flexible and lightweight