The Malish Corporation is the leading manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket rotary (also called disc) brushes in the sanitary supply industry. With over 60 years of experience, Malish provides the quality, breadth of line, reliability, stability and value you expect when partnering with a leader.

Malish manufactures a full line of rotary brushes including pad drivers, scrubbing brushes, carpet shampoo brushes, grit brushes and specialty brushes for stone and concrete. Whether the application is stripping, general scrubbing, or hard surface polishing, Malish offers a diverse line of filament material options including Nylon Polypropylene, Wire, Bassine, Union Mix, White Tampico, or Butcher (Flat) Wire.

In addition to the rotary brushes, Malish provides quality accessories like clutch plates and pad centering devices, including our exclusive, industry-standard TRU-FIT® Universal Clutch Plate (NP-9200).

When It Comes to Rotary Brushes and Accessories. . .